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Deception (2018– )
Not bad so far
18 March 2018
I wasn't expecting much in another police procedural with a public 'special' assistant, but the pilot was entertaining. Sure it's a bit cheesy, but still entertaining. If you're a fan of magic and/or the Now You See Me film franchise as I am, I'm sure you will enjoy this. Let's hope it stays interesting and entertaining. 8/10 from me.
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The worst of the newest installments
16 March 2018
This film's downfall was the screenplay. The writing was all over the place with major plot issues and convoluted scenes. Even the attempted humor was stale. This felt more like a Disney film than a true Star Wars installment. For the long length of this film, the writing should have been tighter. However, still amazing cinematography and VFX, and the directing was OK considering the screenplay was a mess. Not sure how anyone can rate this a 1 (seeing lots of those) without any credit to the visuals. It's a fair and honest 6/10 from me
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Black Mirror: Metalhead (2017)
Season 4, Episode 5
AI vs. Humanity
14 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wow what an incredible episode!

I can see how most fans wouldn't like episode, especially compared to the others, but what Black Mirror is known for is its unique individual stories based on technology affecting society. This was no different, but more evident.

In short (and short and sweet and to the point this episode was), the entire struggle was to obtain something innocent and special for obviously a child, and it shows that human nature will ignore even danger to achieve a goal that will make that child smile... all based on a promise. Its portrays human emotion, kindness, resolve, and much more. Then it shows that technology simply does not care and does what its goal is, no matter what, and in this case its to destroy humanity.

You don't need a back story or character development nor plot twists and turns to get the point across as well as this episode did. Barvo! A well deserved 9/10
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Annihilation (2018)
A film suffering from an identity crisis
13 March 2018
The screenplay by writer and director Alex Garland was seriously flawed in his noble attempt of a sci-fi film. For starters, it's been listed as a "Adventure, Drama, Fantasy" on IMDb and added "Action, Horror" on other sites, when it's entirely a sci-fi film... or really tried hard to be one.

Another obvious identity issue of this film was the score - one minute a suspenseful tone, the next a Western themed acoustic guitar, then some great sci-fi undertones. This film was all over the place trying to be an intellectual art piece, then a mind-expanding mystery, then a lethargically paced pretentious plot mess, then a cinematic masterpiece, then a Hollywood big-screen sci-fi.

No wonder the executive producers where bickering throughout the production and final cut including where/how to distribute this film.

The slowly paced almost 2 hour length really needed to be cut down to 90 mins max and much faster paced.

The lead actors were also rather bland, but I blame the director for failing to direct them properly and his slowly paced screenplay.

My initial rating from the start of this film was only a 4/10. I added 2 stars for some incredible visuals, and another 1 star for the last 20 mins of the film that actually felt like I was watching a great sci-fi.

Thus my final rating is a 7/10 which is a shame, as this film had the potential to easily be a 9 or 10/10, but instead flopped at the box office by suffering its identity crisis.
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Black Mirror (2011– )
Some episodes convolute too much back-story
4 March 2018
Black Mirror is an anthology series that taps into our collective unease with the modern world, with each stand-alone episode a sharp, suspenseful tale exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia. The problem however, is that on some of the episodes, the writers desire to invocate twisted endings that convolute what starts out as a suspenseful tale, falls flat to any possible logic that would leave the viewer satisfied. Still, most of the episodes do succeed with a satisfying ending. 8/10 from me
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Battle Drone (2018)
Any comparison to Predator, the A-Team or the Expendables is an insult to either franchise.
3 March 2018
This is the cheesy mess you get when a stuntman wants to become a writer and director. Stay a stuntman.

Mitch Gould's attempt to write and direct this film failed miserably. The only redeeming quality and the reason for a 3 and not a 1/10 is the concept of the story, and the fairly decent costumes of the 'drones'.

The dialogue was so cheesy, it made Louis Mandylor's character unbearable, as was his acting, and for that matter the rest of the cast. The blame for the acting failure goes primarily to the director for failing to direct his cast properly.

The slow-mo action scenes were also unbearable. This entire dragged out film was basically me watching a 5 year old play a video game and pause to change the viewing angles in slow motion. Right from the starting credits, I was hoping I wouldn't see any more of this cheesy directing, yet the film was full of it. Then you have the endless dragged-out gun fights of constant back and forth shooting where both sides just keep missing. Did a 5th grader write the screenplay? And what's with the western themed score?

Any comparison to Predator, the A-Team or the Expendables is an insult to either franchise.

I'm guessing either someones rich dad funded this mess or someone won a lottery - and wanted to become a filmmaker.

This film hurt to watch. Don't waste your time with it. A very generous 3/10 from me.
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Midnighters (2017)
This low budget B-grade film delivers!
3 March 2018
Known for as a film editor, Julius Ramsay makes his directorial debut in this, his first full length film, following his only four TV series - two of which were Walking Dead episodes. And what an outstanding job he did in directing his cameras, and his cast.

He teams up with (his brother) Alston Ramsay's first ever role as writer, and together they create a wonderfully tense, low-budget film noir that benefits greatly from its perfect length, pace, tautness and lack of pretension.

By focusing more on suspense and tension with a perfect touch of gore, the Ramsay brothers have crafted an economical and effective alternative to the many disappointing big-budget entries into this genre.

The primarily novice C-list, and a few B-list actors were surprisingly impressive. The score was perfect. The cinematography on point.

Yes there were a few light plot issues, but still much better writing than some seasoned professional high-paid Hollywood writers.

Aside from that, this film was pretty much flawless - considering its a low budget and B-grade entry level film. Would I see it again and recommend it? Absolutely! A well deserved 8.5 rounded up up a 9/10
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Keating vs. Supreme Court
2 March 2018
Another amazing episode! The writers sure know how to create a suspenseful courtroom drama! Outstanding in direction, cinematography, editing and of course writing. Perfect as always performance by Viola Davis and the entire cast. A well deserved 10/10 from me
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The X Files: Rm9sbG93ZXJz (2018)
Season 11, Episode 7
The uprising of the machines!
1 March 2018
Wow what an outstanding episode! Everything was perfect... the cinematography, directing, editing, SFX, and the acting! Those machines deserve Oscar's lol. What was even more impressive, was how little dialogue was in this episode, yet still so much suspense! Mulder & Scully as usual were on point and the humor in this episode was perfect! Loved it! Perfect 10/10!
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Con Man (2018)
Interesting true story told very poorly.
28 February 2018
The writing/screenplay by novice writer/producer/director Bruce Caulk was bad. The story was all over the place with major plot issues. What got me was these narrators on screen telling their part of the story/events, not knowing who they are until the very end, and then realizing they are mainly nobodys. Why even have them in the film? It was enough having just the voice commentary. The 100 min length was fairly paced, but had it been written and edited better, it would have been better enjoyed.

Bruce's direction of the cameras in general was ok for a b-grade film, but he failed in directing some of the celebrity actors and made them seem like amateurs, as where the rest of the cast. James Caan was the only convincing character, and in a distant second place was Mark Hamill.

The score was atrocious... something that at times belonged in a Disney adventure film. The editing was just as bad.

The only reason I gave this film a very generous 6/10 was for introducing and telling the viewer the true story of Barry Minkow (who was also in the film as himself). I ended up learning more of his story by Google-ing him. Would I see it again or recommend it? Nope. But if you're into these type of white-collar criminal biographical films, it may be interesting enough to see.
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Mute (II) (2018)
A visual masterpiece wasted by what seems was written by a 5th grader.
27 February 2018
This is one of the most visually outstanding films I've seen in a while - especially being a non-Hollywood production.

The futuristic sets - even down to the detail, were amazing. It's a shame this film failed miserably with a screenplay that seemed written by a 5th grader. After ridiculous red herrings, pointless side-plots and inconsistent characters you just give up.

This film was way too long and needed to be cut down to a max of 90 mins and also needed proper editing. Directing and was decent and the acting and score were on point.

The best way to enjoy this film is muted (no pun intended) as a background screensaver whilst you are blasting your favorite playlist. It's eye candy and that's it.

A shame such an amazing production was dumbed down with so may plot issues from what felt like amateur writing.

A generous 7/10 mainly for the visuals. Had the writing been tighter, this could have easily been a 9/10.
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So infantile and stupid I've never laughed once
24 February 2018
How is this garbage still on? A bunch of misfits yelling at each other thinking they're funny. The odd single stand up is ok. What makes this show really bad is Kumail who is so annoying and the opposite of funny, just stay off the stage and keep to introducing the comedians. You must really need to be wasted to appreciate this type of infantile and stupid humor. 1/10
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That's Not Me (2017)
Cute film with a sloppy story that was hardly a comedy
21 February 2018
This film is Gregory Erdstein's first full length feature film (10 previous credits for short films) as director, producer and co-writer alongside Alice Foulcher who was also the lead.

It's a cute film directed fairly decent, but with a sloppy story that really had no point to it, and was certainly not a comedy (I did not laugh once).

It's clearly a low budget Aussie flick that made a decent attempt to tell a story, but failed so in the screenplay. In the beginning, it was hard to tell which twin was in certain scenes. Although the story was based on the struggles of one of the twins chasing her acting career and riding the coattails of her sister, at the end of the film you are left saying "that's it? so what?". There was no point to this film.

The acting was however fairly decent, the score a little too obvious in certain scenes, and the editing could have been tighter. This film missed the mark in telling the story better. Certainly not 10/10 material the other two fake reviewers posted, of which are clearly a spoiler plot summary. Would I recommend it or see it again? Nope. It's a very generous 6/10 from me only because it's a low budget indie Aussie flick and for its "cuteness" factor.
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Actually quite an impressive and entertaining B-grade Indie crime/drama film
20 February 2018
I'm shocked at the low score for this film. I had low expectations going into this, but I was pleasantly impressed by this indie low budget B-grade film.

This film stars and was also produced by Danny A. Abeckaser, who made his directorial debut, and his second writing credit, shared with co-star Jon Carlo. Harvey Keitel played the perfect Russian mobster, and it was nice to see some eye candy that can act, Charlotte McKinney and primarily co-star beauty AnnaLynne McCord.

If anyone is expecting to see a huge big budget Hollywood produced gangster film, this is not it. But it achieves its goal in keeping the viewer submersed and entertained. The pace was perfect, the directing and screenplay on point, and the actors, although not all seasoned A-listers (except for Harvey Keitel of course), performed quite well and convincing in their roles.

It's a shame reviewers will slam this film by comparing it to Hollywood gangster films and expecting so much more from such a small indie production. I for one am impressed and give this a well deserved 7.5/10 rounded up to a 8.
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Did a 5th grader write and direct this immature nonsense?
20 February 2018
I could not believe the shockingly low score for this film with such an all star cast. Once I saw it, I realized it was in fact deserving of the 3.8 IMDb rating, and only so high, from the sympathetic votes for these A-listers when they realized what they had signed up for.

So here's what I think happened. Ron Shelton's 5th grade grandson wrote and directed this nonsense but was too young to be named in the credits, so grandpa steps in and enters his name.

Next, Waze (the phone GPS app that was product-mentioned) funded this 5th graders film, and paid these A-list actors their wages so people will go see this mess, then leave the theater and download their app.

What else can it be? These huge actors did their worst... they hardly made an effort. The entire set was probably the after-party set up for when filming wrapped, just for the A-listers to have incentive to do some type of performance.

The directing and editing was, well, that of a 5th grader.

What a waste of talent on such a garbage screenplay.

A sympathetic 3/10 from me, only for the all star cast that got duped into making this nonsense.
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Cold Skin (2017)
Outstanding film, almost exactly to the detail from the debut novel by Albert Sánchez Piñol
18 February 2018
This film will not be for everyone (hence the disappointing low rating). For starters, it's almost an exact adaptation from the Spanish (Barcelona, Spain) award wining debut novel (translated to 37 languages) by Albert Sánchez Piñol, and directed almost perfectly by Frenchman Xavier Gens.

It is not your typical big-screen huge budget Hollywood action blockbuster with A-list actors, and thus should not be compared (as other reviews have) to The Shape of Water. Instead, it's an artistic piece shot extremely well that was written by a Spaniard and presented by a Frenchman - definitely no Hollywood here.

The directing, cinematography, landscape, vfx/sfx and score where outstanding - near perfect. The actors (never heard of either) performed exceptionally well and were very convincing.

Yes, there were some avoidable obvious plot issues, which was disappointing considering how great the rest of the production was. However I'm thinking that it was an editing issue and cutting scenes to get the length down to 108 mins, of which considering the slow pace, I'd be complaining on the length, yet it didn't feel that long. It could also be a screenplay adaptation issue from the two novice writers - they did squeeze in as much as they could from the novel, but maybe should have cut certain scenes shorter to fill in the blanks.

I've read some reviewers had questions about certain things that happened. Some of those issue are answered if you stop and think why this happened and/or dig a little deeper into the meaning. Others, you will need to read the book. I did, and have nothing to question, but do understand how others who didn't read the book would have questions.

A very impressive film, unlike any other I have seen, and needs to be appreciated for what it is, and how is was shown. Would I recommend it or see it again? Absolutely. Had better screenwriters adapted the novel, this would have been a perfect 10/10. But still is a well deserved 8.5 rounded up to a 9/10 from me.
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Outstanding docu-film!
17 February 2018
They don't get any better than this! This docu-film was as close to perfect as they come. Taron Egerton nailed his character as did Hugh Jackman and for that matter, the entire cast. The whole production - from directing, cinematography, writing, editing and even the score were all on point. A fun, inspirational, heartwarming and entertaining film for all ages, and a great tribute to Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. A well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Manhunt (2017)
Excellent cinematography, good choreography, OK story, amateur acting, disappointing directing and cheesy screenplay
17 February 2018
What stood out for me in this film was the excellent cinematography by Takuro Ishizaka, and the main reason I scored this film as high as I did.

Next plus was the good choreography for the action scenes, especially the last 20 mins of the film.

The story itself (although we've seen it before) wasn't bad, but wasn't written well into a screenplay. Although the pace wasn't slow, the 106 min length felt longer with the long dragged out scenes and cheesy prolonged slow-mo parts. This film needed to be edited down to a max 80 mins.

Most of the subtitles didn't make any sense, but I'm guessing some 3rd party translator messed those up, so I wont consider that in my rating, but it did make the sub-par acting from most of the cast look very amateurish, as I didn't get to fully immerse myself in each character.

Then there's John Woo's directing, which at times felt like it was his early amateur work, and at other times felt like some grade 8 drama student put it together. He failed to direct his actors properly, as some performed certain scenes so badly, the director should have called a re-shoot. Clearly not his best work in the directing, writing and editing departments.

Throughout the entire film, I had already decided to give this film a 4 or 5/10, but the last 20 mins of fast paced action, plot twists and good choreography redeemed the score to a slightly better 6/10. Had the writing been tighter with less 'cheese', it could have been a 7 or 8/10
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The Gateway (2018)
An OK amateur indie Aussie production
15 February 2018
This one is a hard one to rate/review. I could nit-pick it, but after all, it is a independent low budget C-grade Aussie production by amateur/novice director/writer/producer John V. Soto, and thus I can't compare it (or rate it as an equal) to a big budget Hollywood production.

Having said that, what stood out foremost and was annoying was the score, just terrible. Had it been better, the film would have shown better. The sound was also off (should have had the boom mics closer to the actors) - sometimes the score overpowered the dialogue.

The screenplay was ok aside from major plot holes (especially the ending that I guess was supposed to thrill the audience, but failed as a ridiculous amateur move) and a very slow pace. This film needed to be edited down from 90 mins to 75 mins tops. Some of the slow-mo scenes were overly dramatic without cause, and other normal scenes dragged out and extended too long and needed to be edited down.

Although the actors were C & B-list actors, I felt even the experienced ones failed to produce, and I feel part of that blame falls on the director's failure to instruct his actors properly. It seemed this was the kid actors first ever acting gig.

But on the positive side, John V. Soto's directing, cinematography and the story/premise were decent and enjoyable.

A very generous and honest (look at the other 3 fake hi score reviews who only rated this film lol) 7/10 from me. Would I see it again or recommend it? Nope. Did I enjoy it? Sure, because I had no other movies to watch.
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Black Panther (2018)
Meh, highly overrated - not even close to "the best" Marvel movie
14 February 2018
The cinematography of this film was just OK with some obvious bad CGI, and one would come to expect something better from a Marvel superhero film (as shown by the budget). The directing was fairly decent.

The story was ok, but nothing overly exciting. Way too much spotlight on the Black Panther conflict here. I feel the story would have been better told had there been another villain.

The acting also seemed either way too overboard for some of the characters, while others under-performed.

Nevertheless, enjoyable, but certainly not even close to "the best" Marvel movie. It's only a 6/10 from me.
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Defective (2017)
For a very low budget film, it had its good moments, but also its avoidable flaws
14 February 2018
This is a very low budget indie film, primarily with C & B actors, and will rate it as such on its own merits.

Novice director and writer Reese Eveneshen did a surprisingly impressive job with directing the cameras and scenes, and for the great cinematography and decent score (the only reason I rated this high), but poorly in directing his actors, and even worse in the writing and screenplay.

How can anyone let certain scenes make the final cut? For example at the start, Rhett's sister gets shot and Rhett just stands there like an idiot. Seriously? Then his sister towards the end of the film says she doesn't know how to use a gun, but starts shooting like a marine. And there's much more in between.

This screenplay needed a huge make-over and needed to be cut down from a ridiculous 101 mins to around 70 mins with a faster pace. Many scenes were dragged out far too long with annoying, confusing and unnecessary dialogue. Had the producers invested in a better screenwriter instead the costs involved for the lousy, unnecessary and ridiculous gore (was this film even rated horror/gore?), this film would have been much better.

The acting was atrocious, part blame the actors and part to the director for not directing them during their scenes. The only decent actors were Rhett's sister and Dennis Andres as Pierce. Colin Paradine's character Rhett was unconvincing, boring and very stale. All the rest were pretty much embarrassing.

I know this film will get slammed as most amateur IMDb reviewers will rate this equally and comparable to a huge Hollywood blockbuster production, so I am giving it a generous 6/10 for the great cinematography and directing, and for a fair attempt to produce this type of film on such a small budget.
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Bomb City (2017)
A great story that needed to be told better.
13 February 2018
Let me start by praising the outstanding cinematography in this film. The acting, especially by the leads, were all on point, particularly the punks.

Novice director, writer and editor Jameson Brooks (this was his first major film aside a handful of short films) did an impressive job for a novice director, but his writing was way too lose, and his editing was terrible.

Although only 95min length, it felt much longer with certain dragged out and slow-mo scenes that took away from the impact of those scenes. The pace needed to be faster, edited (cut) unnecessary prolonged scenes, and rid of some of the slow-mo shots that dragged the film. For the large amount of producers involved with this film, someone should have spoke up to re-write the screenplay to make it tighter.

Additionally, leaving out the fact the jock didn't get away without jail time (albeit for parole violations), detracts from the satisfaction (for karma) of some form of justice. This should have been displayed in the closing credits along with all the other factual notes: In June 2001 Camp was apprehended for underage drinking and was arrested for being a minor in the possession of alcohol. Michael Camp, father of Dustin, attempted to cover for his son's probation violations. Michael Camp was formally charged with making false statements to the police. He was sentenced to 60 days deferred adjudication (a type of probation) and a $100 fine after a plea bargain. In September 2001, Dustin Camp received an eight-year prison sentence for violating his probation.

Nevertheless, an enjoyable film worth seeing. It's no big Hollywood blockbuster, but yet pulled off quite well with B-grade actors and a novice director/writer. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
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The Commuter (2018)
This is what you get when amateur writers think they can write a screenplay
12 February 2018
The directing was decent, the acting was great, the cinematography on point but the writing and screenplay by both amateurs Philip de Blasi and Byron Willinger is what ruined this movie. There were more plot holes and ridiculous scenarios (and lack of logical ones) than there were commuters on the full train at the start. How difficult is it with such a big budget and top notch Hollywood backers to allow such garbage writing ruin what could have been a great film. Too bad, not even Liam Neeson could save this one. A generous 7/10 from me
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Cool Runnings (1993)
A fun John Candy classic!
10 February 2018
Saw this again playing on cable and it brought back the same laughs and entertainment when I first saw it back in '93. Great fun throwback seeing the legendary JC at his best.
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Even Liam Neeson couldn't save Peter Landesman's poor writing and directing
9 February 2018
This was a good story that needed to be told well, but instead was all over the place and lacked the "oomph" to hold the viewers attention. 103 mins isn't that long for a film with this much information needing to be told, but this one felt much longer with its dragged out pacing. It was poorly edited with I'm sure some important parts cut, and unimportant parts left in. The cinematography was on point, but even the directors lack of direction towards his actors left them stale and mostly uninteresting. 7/10 from me
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